Basket, bag filter

Static bag and basket filters in stainless steel

Application areas :

Filter for Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, water treatment, Oil & Gas, Steel, Cement industry, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics...all viscosity.

Operating conditions :

Micron rating - 25µm to 10mm (basket), 1µm to 1000µm (bag), from 0.05µm to 200µm (cartridges)
Flowrate - Up to 420m3/hr
Temperature - Up to 100°C
Pressure - up to 10 bar
Special design on customer request to meet specific conditions.
Compliance with CODAP or ASME, in accordance with the European Directive 97/23/EC (PED)

Product Benefits

  • ​Low pressure drop
  • Cleanable and re-usable basket (water, solvents, ultra-sound)
  • Large selection of filter media for all types of environment (agressive, corrosive)
  • Filter elements may be equipped with a Magnetic Device, a Non-return device
  • Made-to-measure design according to client's specific needs (housing + filter element)


  • ​Simplex or duplex housings
  • Material: Inox 304L, 316L (carbon steel for basket filter)
  • Simple or multi-filter elements (up to 12 bags, up to 85 cartridges)
  • V-clamp closure or swing bolts
  • Large selection of Needlefelt bags, or Monofilament, High Performance or "W" bags to increase flowrates
  • Basket welded or glued, with pleated filter media or unpleated 
  • Pleated or depth cartridges from 10" to 50"


  • ​Delta P control
  • Drain valve, Vent valve
  • Magnetic Device, Non-return Device, Volume reducer
  • Davit arm for easy opening
  • Thermal insulation, heat tracing, double jacket
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