scamjyr Filter

Automatic filter for food, water or petrochemicals

Application areas :

This automatic strainer allows filtration of low to medium viscosity fluids : industrial water filter, DWTU water, drilling water, oil products, paint, food fluids, beverages...
Scamjyr automatic filter is paticularly suitable for food processing industries, sugar refinery, all type of water filtration...

Operating conditions :

Viscosity : up to 150 cPo
Micron rating : 50 to 2000 μ (Nominal)
Flowrate : up to 1,000 m3/hr
Temperature : up to 100°C
Pressure : from 2 to 40 bar
Specific design on customer request to meet specific conditions.
Compliance with CODAP or ASME, in accordance with the European Directive 97/23/EC (PED)

Product Benefits

  • Ability to filter a wide variety of products
  • Continuous self-cleaning system without interruption of the flow to filter
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Low pressure drop

Operating Principle

  • The filter element is an automatic strainer made of wire (V-shaped profile) welded on support pins; the space between the wire determines the micron rating.
  • Continuous cleaning is carried out either by external scraping (the strainer is rotating and the vertical scrapers are fixed) or by internal brushing (the strainer is fixed and the helical brush is rotating).
  • Impurities are directed toward the bottom of the filter and are removed through regular draining with manual or automatic valve.


  • Standard or ATEX filter
  • Automatic strainer operating with a motor
  • Single or multi-filter elements
  • Operating under pressure
  • Cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic or Duplex body
  • Stainless steel filter element


  • Electric or pneumatic motor
  • Drain valve with or without actuator
  • Delta P control
  • Control cabinet
  • Thermal insulation, electric heat tracing, double jacket
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