FTL Filter

Tangential filtration for seawater, well water...

Application areas :

Seawater filtration, river water, drilling water and industrial water filtration.
Protecting circuits: pumps, nozzles, exchangers, cooling towers, air conditioning...

Product Benefits

  • Continuous self-cleaning system without interruption of the flow to filter
  • The advantage of tangential filtration is that it does not trap particles in the filter element. Particles travel tangentially accross the surface of the filter element and are washed away during the filtration process. Tangantial filtration avoids premature clogging.
  • Interchangeable filter elements
  • Low maintenance and operating costs (no wearing parts)
  • High reliability: no moving parts
  • Low pressure drop
  • Easy installation: in-line mounted filter according to the pipe diameter

Operating Principle

  • In-line Tangential Filtration provided by several filter elements (strainers) with axial slots in the direction of the flow.
  • Each strainer is connected to a drain outlet, either independently or together.
  • The strainers are made of a wire (V-shaped profile) welded to support rings; the space between the wires determines the micron rating.
  • Impurities are removed by periodical draining through a single valve (FTL mono valve) or several automatic valves (FTL multi valves, using a system of back wash flushing)


  • Standard or ATEX filter
  • Operating under pressure (3 bar minimum at constant rate)
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic or Duplex body
  • Stainless steel filter element
  • Ball valve or buterfly valve


  • Electric or pneumatic valve actuator
  • Delta P control
  • Control cabinet
  • Thermal insulation, electric heat tracing
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