To maximize the performance of your self-cleaning filter and keep it running for several decades, SCAM Filtres offers several services: on-site intervention, maintenance contracts, spare parts kits, filter element refurbishment...
In order to maintain a high level of performance of our equipments, SCAM FILTRES' technicians operate on-site as part of Technical Assistance Contracts.

We sell Spare Parts kits on a high number of references, even on filters we have sold in the past.

Our Commercial Department also offers refurbishment of filter elements. A self-cleaning filter allows a continuous flow without interruption of the process. The filter element is automatically cleaned either by scraping, brushing or back-wash flushing. However, after several years of non stop use on the process, it is a good option to think about refurbishing your filter element. Your filter element will be completely dismantled and each part, including the cleaners, will be cleaned and reassembled. This way, you will ensure a precise micron rating and your self-cleaning filter will be operationnal for other few decades.
Please fill our Contact form for more information regarding refurbishment of filter elements.
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