SCAM Filtres offers efficient solutions to deal with the most complex issues of liquid filtration.
Our self-cleaning technology stands out by its performance and product benefits.
Indeed, our filters provide low operating costs as they don’t use any consumables and require only few maintenance.
SCAM Filtres stands out for its reactivity in design as well as the reliability of its equipments. Over the course of its 85 years of experience, SCAM Filtres has been identified as a major reference in the field of liquid filtration. Its self-cleaning filters are highly efficient in the separation of solid/liquid and the vessels are so robust, some customers have had SCAM filters installed on their processes for over 40 years.

The Enginering Department is filled with a strong culture of field experience thanks to SCAM Filtres’ teams of Technicians and Sales.
The best practice is carried out through the whole chain, from the Recommendation up to Manufacturing and Commissioning of the industrial filter. Qualification of the customer’s need, thorough respect of Specifications , international standards and directives allow us to design made-to-measure filtration solutions which will be adapted to each customer

You can consult us for any liquids on any industrial process. Our range of self-cleaning filters covers a large scale of viscosity levels, which allow us to serve all industry sectors regarding their liquid filtration issues.
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